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Weber V8 Conversion Kit

SKU: BR2236


A complete carburettor and induction manifold kit from WEBER. It is suitable for Rover V8 vehicles equipped with S.U. or Stromberg carburettors from 1970-1987. The kit features a Weber 4 barrel downdraught carburettor and dual plane induction manifold. The conversion has been developed for improved engine torque and fuel. Although calibrated for Range Rover 3.5 models it is also suitable for many other Rover V8 applications and for those wishing to carry out engine tuning modifications. For applications other than Range Rover 3.5 models calibration changes/ adjustments may be necessary. This conversion can be carried out by a competent D.l.Y. mechanic (with basic tool kit) and comes complete with detailed fitting instructions covering various models. The kit comprises of: Carburettor; Manifold; Air filter; Throttle linkage*; Fuel line connections/Fuel filter; Engine breather/pulse air system; Hose connections; All necessary gaskets. seals and fixtures. *Automatic transmission vehicles will require supplementary kick down linkage kit