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Quick Fist Xl Clamp

SKU: QF60060


Quick Fist XL Clamp

The Quick Fist XL clamps are not only the largest size, but they are also the strongest clamp. They provide a safe working load of 150lbs (68kilos), and a break-strength of 300lbs (176kilos) per clamp.

Two clamp sets support up to 600lbs (273kilos).

Quick Fist XL (Package of 2 sets of clamps) holds objects up to 15" (381mm) in diameter or about 30" (762mm) in a linear direction.

Each base of the clamp mounts with four screws or bolts (not included).

Quick Fist XL can be used to hold large bottles (acetylene, helium, propane), Jerry cans or other type of fuel tanks, tool boxes, floor jacks, small coolers and other equipment too large for the smaller clamps.