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Drainplug 1/4 x 19BSP - Standard Series LSF100040L

SKU: S04546070010102

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Drainplug 1/4 x 19 BSP - Standard Series

Eliminate messy oil changes forever!

The Difflock supplied drain plug allows you to carefully control the speed and flow of oil from the sump when servicing your vehicle. No more oil spills on hands, driveways, axles, anti-roll bars, exhausts, chassis, or anything else that might be in the way.

Once fitted, it eliminates the risk of cross-threading or damaging the sump threads especially on aluminium sumps. The Difflock supplied drain plug contains multiple internal O-rings to ensure a complete oil-tight seal, and is patented worldwide.


  • Allows safe draining of oil at engine temperature
  • Reduces the risk of oil spillages in the workshop and environmental implications
  • Oil is contained from sump to container
  • Eliminates the risk of stripped threads
  • Toolless oil changing, all you need is the drain hose

You will need to buy a universal drainer hose (standard version) with your first drain plug, but if you are buying more than 1 drain plug, you do not need additional drainer hoses since 1 drainer hose will fit them all.

IMPORTANT: 300tdi engines were fitted with two different sized sump plugs. Unfortunately no records were kept as to which vehicles are fitted with which version. The only way to tell which you have is put a spanner on the existing plug. It should be either a 15mm or 19mm spanner.

Suitable for:

  • Discovery 300Tdi (19 BSP)
  • Discovery 2.0 MPI
  • Defender 300Tdi (19 BSP)

15mm spanner is a LR part UAM2957L

19mm spanner is a LR part LSF100040L