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Drain Plug M24 X 2 Compact

SKU: S07090020224


Compact Series M24 x 2R 380 Gearbox Drain Plug

The Compact oil drain plug is designed to help you drain fluids from your vehicles, machines and hydraulic systems.

The Compact oil drain plug is a smaller version of our standard oil drain plug and is the perfect choice for changing oil and other fluids where space is restricted.

Vehicles with a low ground clearance such as busses and fork lift trucks are just one example. With the Femco® Compact drain plug you can drain oil quickly and conveniently where there is little space available.


Safe and environmental friendly oil change 


And like our other oil drain plugs, the Femco® Compact oil drain plug is also a perfect choice for changing other fluids efficiently and without causing pollution. The dedicated Femco® Drain Technology oil draining systems enable you to drain oil quickly without spillages. This helps you change oil drain quickly without worrying about causing pollution. Because the Compact oil drain plug only needs to be installed once, you prevent damage to the oil sump thread. Femco®  oil drain plugs are the perfect solution to prevent problems with broken drain plugs and stripped threads.


The dust cover and twin O-rings prevent the ingress of dirt between the thread and the dust cover. Hence it is always easy to remove the cover and start draining the oil. If you also use a Femco® drain connector you have full control of the flow of oil into the waste oil container or suction unit. This ensures that no waste oil leaks out and needs cleaning up.