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Hawkeye Diagnostic Tool Version 5

SKU: BA5075A


Hawkeye Diagnostic Tool Version 5

At last a diagnostic tool that is truly portable and simple to use by the home or professional mechanic. Bearmach’s  HawkEye is an essential tool for Land Rovers and it is the electronic equivalent of a spare tyre – it will help you to identify problems quickly and accurately so you can initiate an immediate fix to keep the vehicle on the road. Designed and manufactured exclusively for Bearmach by Omitec Ltd using their experience in Land Rover Diagnostics.

The HawkEye diagnostic tool is extremely robust and comes with its own storage pouch. The keypad has large, well defined buttons and it is powered directly from the vehicle.
The clear graphical display is easy to read and features on-screen prompt to provide a quick response. The kit is supplied with a standard J1962 cable. Optional cables may be required for specific systems. The specific applications will allow you to access information from your vehicle. Functionality includes READ and CLEAR fault codes, LIVE DATA, ACTUATORS, Electronic Control Module Data and PROGRAMMING is available with some applications. When you purchase the HawkEye diagnostic tool you are automatically entitled to your FREE unlock code which will enable you to use the product on one Land Rover model of your choice. Once purchased, the firmware of the unit is fully upgradeable as new applications are released. You can also include more than one Land Rover model on your Hawkeye diagnostic tool by purchasing further unlock codes.


 Robust and self contained handheld unit
 Does not require laptop or PC
 Easy, intuitive and user friendly
 Quick response
 Read fault codes
 Clear fault codes
 Forced outputs/actuators
 Programming (Specific applications only)
 Free unlock code for one Land Rover vehicle type
 Can be 'Unlocked' to be used with other Land Rover models
 Ideal for DIY enthusiasts as well as specialists

Completely unlocked version to suit all model Land Rover's

The Hawkeye Kit (BA5070) includes:

1 X HawkEye Diagnostic Tool
1 X J1962 Cable (BA5071)
1 X Zipped protective pouch
1 X Quick Reference Guide
1 X One vehicle Unlock Code.