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Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment

SKU: 01004


Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment 

Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment will provide the following performance benefits to automatic transmission fluids used in a variety of automotive and off-road equipment:

  • Smoother operation and gear changing
  • Reduce harsh take up and flaring
  • Maintain fluid efficiency over a wide temperature range
  • Prevent wear and extend the life of the transmission unit
  • Prevent leaks by maintaining seal condition

Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment is compatible with and will enhance the performance of all automatic transmission gearboxes. Also enhances the performance of fluids recommended for use in Continuously Variable Transmissions.

Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment is the recommended treatment for hydraulic systems using LHM fluid, such as Citroën - particularly for conditioning the rubber seal between the hydraulic fluid pipe and gas globe.

Compatible with crankcase oils and can be used to treat manual gearboxes filled with crankcase oil to overcome 'notchy' gear change.