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Forté Power Steering Treatment

SKU: 01304


Forté Power Steering Treatment

Forté Power Steering Treatment will provide the following performance benefits to power assisted steering fluids and systems:

  • Eliminate power assisted steering stiffness, shudder and noise
  • Provide smoother operation of power assisted steering
  • Maintain optimum performance of power assisted steering pump and load bearing components
  • Prevent and cure oil leaks
  • Reduce power steering fluid foaming

Forté Power Steering Treatment is compatible with and will enhance the performance of all fluids recommended for use in power assisted steering systems.

Forté Power Steering Treatment works to eliminate PAS stiffness, shudder and noise; prevents oil leaks and provides smoother operation of the power assisted steering. In addition, the treatment maintains optimum performance of the PAS pump and load bearing components by stabilising the PAS fluid.

A combination of extended vehicle service intervals and the low priority given to servicing PAS systems by the motor manufacturers results in fluid deterioration and failing power assisted steering systems.

Forté Power Steering Treatment meets the requirements or exceeds the test requirements of the commercial pump standards for manufacturers of pumps used by the automotive industry.