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Forté Radiator Stop Leak

SKU: 05217


Forté Radiator Stop Leak

Forté Radiator Stop Leak will provide the following performance benefits:

  • Effect emergency cooling system repairs to prevent loss of coolant
  • Keep vehicles on the road until the replacement components become available 
  • Enable extended trips to be completed without costly repairs or wasted time in the event of a cooling system leak
  • Allow commercial vehicles to complete round trips and get back to their base to carry out repairs in the event of cooling system leakage whilst on a trip

Forté Radiator Stop Leak is a unique blend of natural fibres and surface active agents which combine to plug hairline cracks and pinholes in the radiators and cooling systems of motor vehicles. When used as directed, Forté Radiator Stop Leak will not cause any blockage of the radiator cores or heater matrix; nor will it harm any cooling system components.

Forté Radiator Stop Leak is compatible with all Mono Ethylene Glycol-based and OAT coolants.

It is recommended that Forté Radiator Stop Leak is carried in recovery vehicles as an essential emergency repair item.