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Evans Power Coolant 5 Litre



Evans Power Coolant 5 Litre

Evans Auto Cool 180° is a waterless coolant formulated for modern car engines fabricated from a mixture of cast iron, copper, steel and aluminium components.

Evans Waterless Coolant boils above 180ºC ensuring effective cooling and an efficient fuel burn is maintained for all engine loads and ambient air temperatures. Liner pitting is primarily caused by the rapid formation and collapse of small steam bubbles on the metal surface. Over several years this process can lead to severe surface erosion and deep liner pitting. Evans Waterless Coolants are not prone to forming vapour bubbles and proven, by SAE trials, to virtually eliminate surface erosion and pitting.

Water is the root cause of corrosion in all cooling systems, via oxidation and galvanic action. Evans coolants do not contain dissolved oxygen compared with water-based coolants. Subsequently replacing water with Evans non-aqueous solution eliminates corrosion and the need to periodically refresh or replenish the coolant.