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Drain Plugs

Femco Standard Series Drain Plug

The Standard Series is the original Femco concept, now with over 20 years of application in the workplace. The design has changed little since its inception, robust and reliable, it is the most popular model due to the wide ranging thread sizes and lengths available. The Standard Series is the most customisable plug, with different lengths of turned body portion available to match casing thickness and counterbore depth.

Femco Compact Series Drain Plug

The Compact Series is the low profile version of the Femco Drain Plug, specifically designed for when space around the sump is restricted. Whilst still retaining the strength, security and functionality of the Standard design, the lower profile of the Compact Series also allows it to be used in situations when low ground clearance is a problem, such as on axles on off-road vehicles.

The Compact Series is also used in the rail industry where ballast strikes occur. A special streamlined plastic dust cap has been designed to deflect the blow and thus protect the Drain Plug.


Each range of the Femco Drain Plug requires it's equivalent drainage hose. So for a Standard Series drain plug, a Standard Series drain hose or drain coupling is required for drainage.

Grid  List 

  1. Universal Right Angled Drain Hose - Standard Series
  2. Universal Right Angled Drain Hose - Compact Series
  3. Universal Drainplug Hose 600mm - Standard Series
  4. Universal Drainplug Hose 250mm - Standard Series
  5. Universal Drainplug Hose - Compact Series
  6. Gearbox Drain Plug 1/2" - 4 BS Compact Series
  7. Drainplug M16 X 1.5 T10/37L - Standard Series
  8. Drainplug M16 x 1.5 - Standard Series
  9. Drainplug M14 X 1.5 T11.5 - Standard Series UAM2957L
  10. Drainplug 3/8 x 19BSP - Standard Series
  11. Drainplug 1/4 x 19BSP - Standard Series LSF100040L
  12. Drainplug 1/2 x 14BSP - Standard Series
  13. Drain Plug M24 X 2 Compact

    Drain Plug M24 X 2 Compact

    SKU: S07090020224
  14. Drain Plug M20 X 2.5 Standard Series

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