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Drip Tray 540 x 540 x 75 - No Grid

SKU: S0352DRIP540

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Drip Tray 540 x 540 x 75 - No Grid

Make unsightly and dangerous oil patches a thing of the past with the Difflock 4x4 drip tray. Its huge 540mm x 540mm x 75mm deep size make it invaluable for catching drips from both engine and gear box combined, as well as safeguarding against larger spills during servicing.

Made partly from recycled medium density polyethylene, the driptray is oil and fuel proof and completely corrosion free. Specially formulated with UV stabilizers, the driptray has an exceptionally long life even if left permanently outdoors.

In fact, this driptray is so tough you can even hand-mix concrete on it, as well as fulfilling a variety of other roles around the home and garden.