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Difflock Evolution 1 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil - 1 litre


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Unfortunately this item currently has a 2 week lead time.

Difflock Evolution 1 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil - 1 litre

If you are fed up with the notchy and hesitant gearshift on your manual 5 speed Land Rover, Discovery or Range Rover then this state of the art lubricant is exactly what you've been waiting for.

It transforms the ease and speed of those gearchanges as well as reducing wear, lowering transmission temperatures and improving fuel consumption.

If you are still using ATF,Dexron ll or MTF 94 in your LT77, R380 or other 5 speed manual box then you should think again because they are poor at preventing wear, shears down under the action of the gears and thickens as temperatures drop. This leads to shorter gearbox life and poor, notchy gearchanges, especially 2nd Gear on cold mornings.

A fully synthetic gear oil can solve these problems but it must be specially formulated to give the best possible results. Our EVOLUTION 1 is specially created for Land Rover Transmissions. It has the perfect viscosity required and its high film strength prevents metal to metal wear whilst reducing gear and bearing noise.

Most importantly, it is highly shear stable, maintains it optimum viscosity span hot or cold and it has an ideal coefficient of friction for the gearbox Syncro hubs. These exceptional qualities ensure that you'll get far superior gear shifting from your 5 speed box as many of our delighted customers have already found.

Even better, EVOLUTION 1 is also perfect for Automatic gearboxes (where ATF type DII or DIII is specified) and can be used in Freelander manual 5 speed gearboxes.

It is fully compatible with ATF or MTF fluids however its full benefits will only be achieved if as much as possible of the existing transmission oil is drained out and replaced with EVOLUTION 1.

Fully Synthetic EVOLUTION 1 outlasts ordinary ATF type fluids by 2 to 3 times, therefore drain intervals can be doubled to up to 48,000 miles if required.

Applications (capacities rounded up to nearest Litre):

  • Land Rover, Range Rover & Discovery 5 speed Manual Gearbox (LT77 & R380) requires 3 Litres
  • Land Rover, Range Rover & Discovery ZF4HP22 four-speed automatic gearbox requires 9 Litres from empty or 5 Litres for routine oil and filter change)
  • Range Rover Borg Warner Chain Drive Transfer Gearbox requires 2 Litres
  • Freelander PG1 & Getrag five-speed manual gearbox requires 2 Litres

Please Note: This oil is not best suited for use in very early 4 speed LT95 main gearboxes (fitted in 90/110s up to 1984) or 'Santana' LT85 5 speed gearboxes as fitted to early V8 petrol, 90 and 110 Land Rovers up to around 1989. If you have an LT95 or LT85 gearbox then we recommend you use our EVOLUTION 2 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil

If you are unsure about the capacities of your gearbox please contact us for advice.

Please Note: This popular lubricant is sold in Multiples of 1 Litre making it much easier for you to buy the exact quantities required.