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Oil Safe

The Oil Safe® system helps you with oil and lube storage and dispensing.

Replace rusty old metal oil cans and milk cartons with the Oil Safe® system to keep your fluids clean and help eliminate costly contamination.

Lubricants can be quickly identified reducing the risk of adding the wrong fluid to expensive mission-critical equipment.

Protects valuable lubricants from contamination.

Minimizes the risk of dangerous and costly oil spills and leakage.

Makes lubrication work easier, faster, and safer.

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  1. Oli Safe 5lt Drum

    Oli Safe 5lt Drum

    SKU: OL101005
  2. Oil Safe Utility Lid

    Oil Safe Utility Lid

    SKU: S032111002
  3. Oil Safe Stumpy Lid

    Oil Safe Stumpy Lid

    SKU: S032111005
  4. Oil Safe Stump Hose Ext
  5. Oil Safe Stretch Spout Ext
  6. Oil Safe Stretch Lid

    Oil Safe Stretch Lid

    SKU: OL100309
  7. Oil Safe Storeage Cap

    Oil Safe Storeage Cap

    SKU: S032111001
  8. Oil Safe Pump

    Oil Safe Pump

    SKU: OL102000
  9. Oil Safe Mini Lid

    Oil Safe Mini Lid

    SKU: S032111004
  10. Oil Safe 3lt Drum

    Oil Safe 3lt Drum

    SKU: S0321110103
  11. Oil Safe 2lt Drum

    Oil Safe 2lt Drum

    SKU: S0321110102
  12. Oil Safe 10lt Drum

    Oil Safe 10lt Drum

    SKU: S0321110106
  13. Oil Safe 1.5lt Drum

    Oil Safe 1.5lt Drum

    SKU: S03211101015

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