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We offer an extensive range of Land Rover Parts at Difflock. Whether you're browsing for affordable Land Rover 90, 110 & 130 parts or Range Rover, Discovery and Freelander Parts - we'll have it! To make your shopping experience simple, we have a healthy selection of filters along the left hand side, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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  1. Brake Lining

    Brake Lining

    SKU: BR1331
  2. Brake Master Cylinder
  3. Brake Master Cylinder

    Brake Master Cylinder

    SKU: BR0726A
  4. Brake Shoe Set Rear

    Brake Shoe Set Rear

    SKU: BR1768
  5. Brake Shoe Set Rear

    Brake Shoe Set Rear

    SKU: BR1768G
  6. Brake Shoes

    Brake Shoes

    SKU: BR1774G
  7. Brake Shoes

    Brake Shoes

    SKU: BR1774
  8. Brake Wheel Cylinder
  9. Brake Wheel Cylinder

    Brake Wheel Cylinder

    SKU: BR1096A
  10. Bush for Range Rover
  11. Bush Lower Arm

    Bush Lower Arm

    SKU: BR1083
  12. Bush Lower Arm Polyurethane
  13. Bush Shock Abs Mounting Poly
  14. Bush Shock Absorber
  15. Bush Shock Absorber Mounting
  16. Bush Shock Absorber Mounting
  17. Clevis End Assembly
  18. Gaiter Clip

    Gaiter Clip

    SKU: BR0483
  19. Parallel Glow Plug Conversion Kit

    Parallel Glow Plug Conversion Kit

    SKU: BR1554

    Parallel Heater Plug Conversion Kit

    Eliminates problem of heater plug failure if one plug breaks.

    The kit wires the plugs in parallel instead of in series.

    Full wiring instructions are provided in the kit.

    Fits all diesel models to 1980.

    Learn More
  20. Retaining nut

    Retaining nut

    SKU: BR0606

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