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TD5/V8 Viscous Fan Tool

SKU: S0272M1159


This Wrench Set is EXCLUSIVELY designed and manufactured by Difflock.Com, you CANNOT buy it from any other supplier

If you have a TD5 Diesel engine or a Fuel Injected V8 Petrol engine (with serpentine drive belt) as fitted to Defenders, Discoverys and Range Rovers then you’ll know just how little room there is under the bonnet for routine maintenance and repair. To make matters worse, the large Viscous Fan fitted to these engines is often tightly fitted and removal is impossible with ordinary Wrenches because the mounting hub also moves as the large retaining nut is turned. For Main Dealers, Land Rover supplies special tools which can be used to lock the hub to prevent it turning, however these cost in EXCESS of £80!! and so are beyond the budget of most home mechanics.

Faced with the high cost of special tools, our regular Forum readers once again contacted us to see if we could produce our own versions to solve the problem. We're delighted to say that we've done just that and produced our very own, Heavy Duty Wrenches which make fan removal simple and easy and which cost less than a third of the price of those costly Special Tools.

Those familiar with the Tools we design and manufacture ourselves will know that we engineer them to be the very best and these are no exception offering the following benefits:

  • Extra Long Reach (more than 360mm or 14 inches) to clear the engine when applying force by hand.
  • Precision Laser Cut from Heavy Duty 8mm thick steel blanks (combined weight 1.5kg)
  • Pleasing passivated Zinc plating to prevent rusting
  • Autolocking feature to prevent either Wrench slipping off when force is being applied
  • Handy ‘Hanging Holes’ in handles for easy and convenient storage.

This Wrench Set replaces the following Land Rover Special Tools:

  • LRT-12-093
  • LRT-12-094

This Wrench Set is made in the UK from heavy duty 8mm thick steel blanks for a long service life and is suitable for repeated use in professional service base


  • Defender TD5 & V8 4.0i
  • Range Rover V8 4.0i, 4.2i, 4.6i from VIN MA300001
  • Discovery Series I all V8 fuel injection
  • Discovery Series II TD5 & all V8 fuel injection

Note: Fits all V8 petrol injection engines with a flat Serpentine drive belt, NOT suitable for V8 engines fitted with a simple V belt